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Mobile Technology Biomedical Systems Development
Burke Consulting

Technology has become the core enabler for the delivery and management of business services via the Internet, including Mobile and Wireless technologies. Our Technology Consulting experience spans public and private sector industries that include Finance, Medical Device Manufacturing, Telecom and Software services.

Our Technology Consulting practice includes technology infrastructure, service definition, assessment, design, integration, implementation, transition, management, security and encompasses the following:.

  • IT Security Assesment and Penetration Testing
  • Technology Architecture
  • Technology Assessment and Planning
  • eServices, eApplications, mServices and mApplication Development, Integration and Delivery
  • eBusiness Analysis and Integration
  • Application Development, Quality Assurance and Testing
  • Operations and Services Management for Critical and High Availability Systems
  • Database Management
  • Application Development, Integration, Quality Assurance & Testing
  • Network Architecture – LAN, VLAN, Mobile, WiFi, Wireless, VoIP, Firewall, IDS
  • IT Systems and Services Strategy
  • IT Program and Project Management